Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lake Powell

I have visited Lake Powell at least half the years of my life.  Throughout all these visits there has always been one theme that runs with every trip.  That theme is, "awesome!" When I was small the possibilities were always endless.  Lizards, rocks, fish, frogs, swimming, tubing, and skiing.  The focus shifted to wake-boarding during adolescents. 
Then the focus switched hard to fishing.  At first it was Stripers on the fly, but I am always about a good bite. If I was finding fish I would not move until I stopped finding them.  On this impoundment, following this rule, a fisherman can be stuck in one place for a long time! 
If you hit the Stripers right they will be boiling(Utahan for frenzy) on shad.  You can throw almost any fly among them and get a bite. 
If you don't hit it right, all you need to find is some good structure for Smallies and LMB.  Of course you will be hooking Crappie and Sunfish as well.  Some days it doesn't matter if you are throwing full sink, intermediate or floating. 

 The next switch was to carp.  Lake Powell is a carp wonderland!  I've had scenarios were it seemed as if carp were on a conveyor belt that dropped them off right on top of my fly.  Seriously, my best carp day ever was at Powell and I never moved an inch, simply waited for the endless numbers of carp to swim over a small patch of silt where I was ready to present.  If I blew it on one fish, it didn't matter much because there were endless more working their way towards me.  For carp on the fly I have yet to experience any thing sweeter than Lake Powell! 

To recreate with my family and friends, it doesn't get better than this red rock wonderland! I would have to think long and hard to find an alternate.  It makes me a bit upset when I think about years where we were unable to make it to Lake Powell.  
I have 2 trips calendered for this year already.


  1. Lake Powell sounds great Targhee!

  2. Mr P, it is the stuff dreams are made of. Literally, I've caught Bonefish and Sharks there in my dreams!

  3. I really love this kids wearing on this beautiful swimsuits.

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