Saturday, May 31, 2014


Well this spring has come.  This is my second year guiding for my own business and I am more than pleased with the interest you've all showed in keeping me busy.  Anglers from all over this state and a few out-of-staters chased pike with me and we laid into some dandies!  We had some tough days on the water and some awesome days, that's fishing!  Looking forward to future outings with you all!

Here are a few highlights.

One of the most miserable weather days I've ever had after pike.  We stuck this little guy and called it quits.  The boat doesn't have enough freeboard and we were tempting Yuba into swallowing us whole!

Such a fabulous eat from this fish.  We spotted her laid up pretty in about 12".  Bill is a veteran angler and laid a cast out just right for her.  She plowed it!  Game on!

Here is Pat with a nice fish that was suspended over 10ft of water.  She bombed a cast out to her. Tension mounted with each strip of the fly.  This fish went from being 100% sedated 4ft down and away  to 100% eat!  Sudden as Death! Game on!

This was a difficult day, zero sight-fishing to be had.  Colt put a number of fish in the boat!  Here is one of his dandies!

Merlin worked his magic (I couldn't resist the pun) on this guy and brought him to hand!   I need this fishing shirt!

Was privileged to share the boat with Tana and Kyla this spring.  This day was not a big #'s day, but they certainly closed on the fish that presented opportunity.

Nothing like watching sisters fish together!

Tana seduced this one into eating.  Such an awesome fish!  Nice work girls!

Tana runs a Fly Fishing School called Tie and Fly.  It is a wonderful program that will put you where you want to be with the people you want to be there with. Now you Know!

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