Monday, February 11, 2013

"Nothin' wrong with this, Morton! Nothin' wrong with this!"

My brother lived in Puerto Rico for two yrs.  He just returned to Utah July 2012.  Super awesome to have a brother in a place like this.  He can figure out the local fishing and then say come on down and catch some fish.  My dad and I were able to visit 3 times.  The first time we worked the lagoons over pretty thoroughly and found bunches of tarpon, and some barracuda  lady fish and snook.  Found some true monsters, straightened some hooks. Pulled a few to the boat.  One visit was over Easter weekend, it was only fitting that my dad had brought various pastel colors of shirts.  We were a group of Easter egg bandits navigating the lagoons in a 12' inflatable.
I jumped two fish around 80 lb but was unable to keep the hook in them or straightened it.  My father had the same scenario, but succeeded in holding on to 1. We guessed it was about 140 lb.  From the moment he hooked into it chaos found our little inflatable.  Dad was jolted to the deck of the boat by the power of the initial take and ensuing battle. Luckily he had the large, round rubber tube of the inflatable to brace himself against!  He was determined to get a good hook set on this fish.  He did it!  But the fish took the line 1/4 inch into the flesh of my dad's hand at the same time.  After the chaos was channeled a bit and dad lifted himself off the deck of the boat, we were now hitched to a tug!  I'm not sure to this day if he reeled the tarpon in or reeled the inflatable to the tarpon.
Now the chore became managing a picture of the brute on this little tiny raft.  We partially succeeded, although unable to get the entire fish in the shot. I ended up shooting photos perched on the end of the inflatable tube that projects aft of the transom, while my dad and brother wrangled the fish into the raft.  What a catch!

On subsequent trips, we visited a little island just off of Puerto Rico in hopes of hooking up with some bones. My brother had done the leg work and located flats and bones.  We caught some baby tarpon that were a blast in the mangroves surrounding the harbor. In the evenings we'd have dinner at The Dinghy Dock Restaurant, where monster tarpon took french fries and other restaurant foods that were tossed to them.  We had plenty of shots at bones and had plenty by-catch of barracuda,  blue-runners, little serf perch types and small jacks.  One trip, we had an unbelievable amount of shots at giant, tolerant permit.  Our permit game was definitely sub-par.
Back to the Bones, below is a clip of my first bone to hand.  As you will see, the fish tether-balls itself around a coral head.  Also of note, a fly angler can not take in line quickly enough by reeling alone, if running toward an anchored fish.  Enjoyed wonderful days on these flats with my dad and brother!

Here is a pretty good Sequence!
Now the assortment
"Nothin' wrong with this, Morton!  Nothin' wrong with this!" 
 Horton to Morton, in the movie "Horton Hears a Who"

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