Monday, May 23, 2016


2015 brought quite a few changes to my world. The biggest and most exciting is that we welcomed our 3rd child home!  A little boy who is going to have a rough go at catching his older sisters.  He just turned one this week and what a soul he is!

Fishing.  Few people have it as good as I do!  Great, skilled and observant friends and family to flog the water with.

Mentor friends from whom I can mooch as much fishy info as possible from.

Unbelievable waters to ply my craft on.

 Speaking of waters, the focus of my endeavors has relocated.  I now call the 30 miles of river falling from Flaming Gorge dam my home waters.  These waters are a place that allow me to consistently harvest knowledge and enable me to understand presence among the terribly beautiful environment we know as "The Green."

The fish, the geomorphology, the fluvial biology.  Flora, fauna, weather. The drift, the flow.  The focus. The silence, the noise.  All music. A place to die.

Lost and found are synonymous here!

I like it!

I'm privileged to be among the elite guides of Spinner Fall Guide Service.

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