Tuesday, July 16, 2013


For those of you that would rather skip my ramble,  here is the discount code (    TB7813    ).

Who is Hoo?  For those of you that are avid fisherman, there are two scenarios that you encounter constantly.  Intense Sun! The other, intense BUGS!  Until recently there has been one solution.  Oily, messy, stinky, and in the case of bug spray corrosive sprays and lotions.  These products require frequent reapplication, and for me reapplication never happens.  I am too busy fishing to stop and apply these products.  Plus they can be harmful to your gear.  They all have a scent that, if not unpleasant, is definitely distinct and puts up a caution flag for some of our target species both hunting and fishing.  The other downfall of blocks and sprays is you can't remove them until you hit the showers.

Most of us are aware of the company Buff.  They are a foreign company from Spain and have good products.  I have nothing against Spain or Buff, in fact I enjoy the thought of one day visiting and have a few Buff products on the boat.


Given the choice I would much rather wear a cooler (temp), thinner Hoo Rag.  Designed and Manufactured domestically here in the Good Old U. S. of A, Hoo Rag has my purchase every time.  Aside from being home grown, Hoo has the stellar-est designs with a price incentive that really gets me.  I'm a HOO-man!

Ask not What your countrymen can do for you, but what you can do for your countrymen!

Do yourself a favor, avoid skin cancer effectively and consistently. Avoid having your nose surgically removed! Avoid irritating bugs!  Look like a legit fishing Ninja!

Click HERE, and BROWSE their HOOS Then pick one of each and Check out!

At checkout enter this code,  (   TB7813   ),    in the "Enter Coupon Code" space and click "update".

Boom Discount Applied!  If you weren't legit before, now you know!


  1. I totally wish I had my buff when we were in Utah. It would have been good for the mosquitos and even the caddis. I went through some caddis swarms where I had to hold my breath.

    1. I believe it Kevin. I cannot handle bug sprays. While living in Georgia one summer, i sprayed my legs to avoid mosquito bites. On the ride home my leg was resting against against the center console. The bug spray removed all the paint from the console were my leg was resting. If it kills bugs and removes paint it very likely is not good to spray all over your body. The hoo rag has so many plusses, Sun, bugs, holds your hat and glasses on in high winds while boating.

    2. With that code that is the best deal I've seen for these types of things. I bought one as a gift. I might just buy another one for myself too.

    3. For certain Kevin! The price difference alone has me sold!