Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sandpaper Highs

I have been experiencing fishing highs and low blows.  Road trips with friends and family.  Big fish here, lost trophies there.  With only enough sleep to ensure that I maintain the pleasant feeling of turning my eyelids into sandpaper.  All in all, it would be tremendous, rough material for anybody with any literary skill.  But I just haven't had the writing bug lately.  Plus some moments/memories have been too scenery/environment focused to share with all you fishermen who do your due diligence on the web before any real adventures.  In short, it has been a tremendous week.  So here are few photographs to convey a few moments beyond the monitor.

 First Carp on the Fly Smile!
This Fish "Castanza-ed"  a pastrami sandwich off the bedside table, if you know what I mean!  This pastrami sandwich is also know as John Montana's Hybrid fly.

 Not bad for your first day carpin'!!!! Half Tail.

Now time to pack for the Next Utah Adventure!

By: Targhee Boss
Utah Fly Fishing Guide


  1. Those look like some great days. I love mirror carp. I wish I caught one.

  2. All good, looked like several states? Great pictures.


    1. We did cross some boarders! Thanks Gregg!

  3. It looks like an awesome Columbia river fishing adventures! Those are definitely big fish! I envy you guys, I wish I can catch the kind of big. Looking forward on your next fishing trip. :) steelhead fishing Columbia river

    1. Auggie,
      These are not Columbia River fish they are all taken a few states further east. Although I would like to get back to the Columbia Gorge asap for some of the heavy fish you guys have up there. Tight Lines!