Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Report: Steely Nerves and Short Circuits

Great sharing the boat with Drake this past Thursday.  Drake had some engagements early in the day. We met up and found the water at about 12:30pm.  It was apparent early on that the fish were in for it this day.  Drake throws monster flies as well as he throws tight loops.   The wind was up and about, as it always is, so we put it to work.  We found fish quite consistently throughout the day.  Spotted a few females in the shallows.  The males were dogging them eager to make a contribution.
We found a location with enough water clarity that we were able to sight fish.  There comes a point in a fisherman's life that he may think he has seen enough eats to close the deal with a fish, despite its zealous rush upon the fly.  Let me tell you it is difficult "as all get out" to maintain composure when a pike rockets from 0 to 30 mph in an extremely small distance and explodes all over your fly.  This all culminates at your feet and I will be the first to say I lost it. With all this happening faster than fast, it is difficult to NOT react in a like manner.   It was such an exciting moment that I ripped the fly from the water as quickly as the pike reached it.  It is impossible for the hook to find flesh in this scenario, as it jumped from the water millimeters in front of the fish.  To much, too fast = short circuits! We laughed and enjoyed the moment.  Had this fish been monster, laughs may have been replaced with expletives.  Good day indeed!


  1. Those fish look just like huge redfin pickerel. That's closest I'm getting to a muskie around here.

    1. From what I understand Pickerel feeding habits are very similar to pike. I love a mean eat!

  2. Nice pike and report Targhee.

    Wish I could get away and head down there again.