Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Top Shelf!

We arrived at the boat ramp, prepped the boat and backed her down the ramp into the water. We quickly ran to a bay that I have been watching since ice off. Hoping that the pike would find our timing agreeable with their most pertinent needs.  
Coming off plane at the mouth of the bay, we immediately spotted a small male cruising.  Dad rigged up and I decided that I'd better eat something before getting started.  I am not a pleasant person when I have not eaten, especially when quarantined on a small vessel.  So I spread some PB and Honey on some bread quickly and downed two slices. 
 Dad was asking what fly to use.  I had tied up some mammoth hula bugs that I was excited to swim.  I recommended one to him.  He tied it on.  I tied on a no weight, "slider" style fly.  The description of "slider" used very loosely here.  It was black with various flashabous throughout.  
The slider cast like a dream!  The hula bug, cast like an umbrella!  We switched set ups in short order and Dad fished my Christmas Echo Ion 7wt with a 8 wt line on it and the slider.  We found more fish shortly and Dad put on a clinic.  Slow retrieve seemed to be the key.  
Dad's first ever Pike! 

We continued to fish and catch mostly small males.  My wife called to check in on us and mid conversation I turned and looked over my shoulder, 40 ft of the starboard side was a beautiful voluptuous gal.  Of course, I turned to the stern deck where my father was fishing and conjured up the most flattering description of a heavy, beautiful female I could think of.  "Pig!!!!!"  Lifting my rod parallel to the water in an effort to put Dad's eyes on the fish.  There was no missing it though!
 She was lying there, basking in the sun's radiance.
 "Here I am boys, look at these curves!  Would you be obliged to toss that delectable morsel my way! I know you are more than capable of making it swim just how I like it!  Heck,  I don't care how you make it swim!  Put it in the water any where near me and I'll tear its face off and eat it head first!"
My wife knows me well enough and understood the dire circumstances that had just presented themselves.  I don't recall the dialog but I do know that she initiated the Good-bye.  Ended one exchange with a wonderful woman to begin a dance with another.  I'm a lucky man!
Dad didn't need any persuasions.  He loaded his rod and shot the slider 10 ft beyond the she-pike and perpendicular to her.  As the slider swam, the she-pike began her course of interception. She was as nonchalant as I have ever seen a fish, but had a very certain intention.  Dad was collected and maintained his swim, slow and casual.  With cool intent she arrived at the intersection and in an instant the 8 inch fly disappeared.
I have never been able to determine whether my brain short-circuits at intersections with big fish or if it goes into hyper-drive!  Most likely a little of both.  The fish was secured in short order and we quickly set up a photo shoot.
The curves being held.
Or if you prefer, behold the curves!

 Dad is in love with the Echo Ion rod to say the least.  Family tradition dictates the plastic cork wrap stays on the rod until it has landed a fish.  Thank you dad for shedding the plastic!  Cheers to many more fish on this stick!

 The return home!  What a beautiful state to live in!  

Savoring a successful fishing trip! Delicious!
 Topped off the evening with a Walleye Seminar by Rocky Mountain Anglers at the DNR autotorium.

Good Day!
By: Targhee Boss


  1. Nice day, for sure! Good on your dad.

  2. My father passed 9/10/01, wish he were here to still share trips, so I am very pleased you had this trip and success.


    1. Sorry for your loss Gregg, that is something that leaves a void that won't be filled until reunion. My dad is now 69. He was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer over a year ago. Has gone through surgeries and such, yet he still waves a fly rod back and forth with the best of us all day long. I think I've inherited my short circuit abilities from him. He gets more buzz out of a fish than any one I have ever known. Definitely time cherished here. Kind regards, Targhee Boss