Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Sleep, something that has always been a priority in my life.  Last night was a difficult one.
Last week, on the way home from picking up some new tying material, I happened upon a young hitchhiker.  I pulled over and asked him where he needed to go.  "The Magic Shop, by Macey's grocer." he replied.  It was convenient for me so I told him  to jump in.  It was evident from our conversation that magic was his passion.  He was using acronyms that I had no understanding of, but it was interesting dealing with someone so drastically different than anybody else I know.  We shook hands and he exited the vehicle to be a judge in a magic competition.
Enough background, fast forward a couple of days. We have a 4 1/2 month baby,  we have become recluses in an effort to avoid some of the sicknesses (RSV) that can be so difficult for an infant to overcome.  My illness could have come from any of the cashiers or those I passed in the stores, but the hitch hiker's handshake has been in the front of my mind since this mucous began its relentless torture.  My nose has so much fluid running out of it that it is a wonder that I am not severely dehydrated. It is amazing that so much can be coming out, and yet it feels as if  no pressure from the congestion is being alleviated. I have a cough that is also punctuated with a simultaneous bout of the hiccups, which in tandem, at times, becomes so intense as to make me dry heave.  Weird things are happening.
In preparation for last night's rest I took a roll of toilet paper from the wall and placed it on the bed. I was ready, I had an arsenal of toilet paper to check the unyielding march of mucous.  Next I'm awake in the early, early morning with this image in my head.
Details here:
I was not going to give this waking moment the satisfaction of looking at the clock to see what time it was.  If I look at the clock I am doomed.  My mind would then be calculating how much sleep I will get between now and the morning.  Which means I will usually be awake for the next few hours.  Push came to shove and the fluids from my nose were so prolific that it was necessary for me to search for the toilet paper.  Of course, it was no were to be found.  It was necessary for me to open my eyes.  3:00am! I could not find my roll anywhere. I trudged into the bathroom to find additional fluid abatement.  Of course, I am not coherent enough to take an additional roll to bed with me.
I hit the pillow and eventually find sleep again.  My next wake up call comes in the form of something tickling the buck tail I'm finishing a fly with.  I jump, it was my wife's elbow tickling my mustache.  Some how my unconscious had fabricated my mustache into the bucktail head of a fly I was tying.  Weird!  I now ended up being awake until about 6am.  It seems that my subconscious is as consumed with fishing as much as my conscious is.
I hope spring keeps up its march!
Kind Regards
Targhee Boss


  1. Oh man, that sucks. I know it probably doesn't help, but I had three different colds this winter - so I can relate.

    Feel better soon.

  2. Thanks Brent. Things are good now. This was my second and hopefully last!

  3. Dreaming and the sub-conscious mind are fascinating. Hope you feel better Targhee.

  4. I agree MR P. Fascinating and often bizarre! Thanks!

  5. Your child had RSV? We've been through that with our grandchildren, using nebulizers, steam, all of it. Hope all is well.


  6. No Gregg, she hasn't had RSV. It is just one of the illnesses that we were worried about this year with our newborn. We have had seven close friends'/families' children get it. It caused some of them to be hospitalized for up to two weeks. Hence our avoiding public places as much as possible during "RSV Season". I've got a bit of a "germa-phobe" in me sometimes, especially in public places! Thank you for your concern!