Saturday, March 2, 2013

Still Dead

The weather was too nice today to stay in the house.  I have been so anxious to get out, I don't know how long I've been watching the 10 day forecast!  Today was probably a bit premature, I should have waited for a few more warming days to get the carp moving.  This river is so turbid that the carp have to be extremely shallow to sight fish them.  I didn't see one fish.  

This was about how the river felt today.  Of course it is always great to get out, but it is awesome when you mix catching with fishing!

Targhee Boss


  1. Keep us posted, but that did look dismal, as far as finding fish anyway. Otherwise, neat country, much like here.


  2. Will do Gregg. There were a few pieces of underwater structure that got me real excited for a split second until I realized they were inert objects. I checked out some new area, which was nice. But I don't think the turbidity ever changes in this river, which really bums me out, because it is right in my back yard.