Friday, March 29, 2013


Also of note today, I was allotted some time to use my Christmas Echo Ion 7 wt. I like it a lot! I had a Cortland 8 wt. intermediate line with sink tip head loading it. It handled the gaudy steamers like a champ! I put another line on my father's rod that he has not liked much. Cast-ability was much improved.
Take Home:
Mismatch the rod and line combo and you won't like either. And for that matter, you probably won't like your day either. Especially when your buddy has a good combo and is sticking fish that you can't touch.
Rod and line, match made in heaven! Makes for some pretty awesome days on the water. You can't catch fish if your fly is not in the water. The less time you spend casting, your fly is in the water longer.
Given- there good, better and best rods out there, which don't necessarilly corresponds with cheap, average and (take out a second mortgage). No matter what rod you have make sure your line matches your rod!

The correct line makes or breaks a rod

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