Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Sultan of Swat

WHAT? WHAT? The sultan of swat! The king of crash! The colossus of clout! The colossus of clout! BABE RUTH! THE GREAT BAMBINO! (The Sandlot Movie 1993)
 I will take it, crush it, and I will devour it.Then I regurgitate it, then I will devour it second time. Two times devoured. Here is best part: I do it all gratis, that's free bro. What do you think? (Horton Hears a Who Movie)

Benny Rodriguez: Man, this is baseball. You gotta stop thinking. Just have fun. I mean, if you were having fun you would've caught that ball. You ever have a paper route?
Smalls: I helped a guy once.
Benny Rodriguez: Okay, well chuck it like you throw paper. When your arm gets here, just let go. Just let go, it's that easy.
[starts to jog away]
Smalls: How do I catch it.
Benny Rodriguez: Just stand out there and stick your glove out in the air. I'll take care of it
(The Sandlot Movie 1993)
This post I thought I'd mix two of my favorites.  Pike and Movies  If you've never seen The Sandlot, you need to go check it out. It is Awesome!!!!
To add to that if you've never caught a Pike you need to come check it out.  They are awesome!!!!!  Killers!!!!  Expect plenty more posts on the Pike subject!

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