Sunday, February 10, 2013

Brought the boat home

Bad evening to drag the boat home.  We had some family get togethers today in Ogden, so we decided to pick the boat up from the shop between functions.  We definitely had some pucker moments!  Here are a couple of garbage photos of the conditions we had tonight!  The amounts of snow were not the issue tonight, it was the temperature and the lack of salt on the roads.  It would be necessary to use your toes in order to count the number of accidents we saw on our 70 mile stretch.  We started to Jack-knife at one point, I never knew my heart rate could escalate that quickly.  The boat is safe and sound in the garage despite mother natures onslaught.  It still needs a little TLC, but I need warmer temperatures.

Notice the orientation of the Mini Cooper, definitely not contributing to the flow of traffic
Again northern orientation of vehicle is not conducive to the proper southbound flow
In tow!
I think the worst pile up we saw was 5 or 6 cars.  I don't think too many of the accidents involved serious injury, traffic speeds were down at between 35-45 mph most of the way. I think it was more slip-and-slide, bumper cars all down the interstate.
Can't wait to put this boat on the water, huge possibilities!!!

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