Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Once, when it was WARM!

Well, thought I would share with you one my most relaxing, pleasurable fishing experiences to date.  I lived in Nebraska for 3 short years.  It seemed to me that they value their catfish there as much as we value our trout out West.  Slot limits, posted catch-and-release, makes for some happy, healthy and heavy fish.  This particular area has manicured lawns right up to the water.  Parking lots 20 yds from the water.  So when you need a break from fishing for these leviathans in your cozy, floating barcalounger; simply kick over to the lawn, climb out and enjoy some smoked oysters and crackers on the tailgate.  I know this is the scenario every fly fisherman dreams about, ha!  Really, what is better than comfortably enjoying a small body of water with family and friends  in a float-tilla.  Somebody is right there to snap your picture and share your experiences!
Utah visits Nebraska-Hooked up! Double!  My father and father-in-law, putting on a clinic!

And Some of this


  1. That is what I like to see!!! Sweet-keep it all coming!


  2. Thanks Gregg, appreciate the support!

  3. Couldn't have said it better myself. -John N.

  4. John,
    Did you recognize your fish, scar-face, in the post? Getting the boat out of the shop tomorrow! We'll be ready and rearin' by the time you get back in town.

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  6. Zach, thanks for the enthusiasm! I agree that Cat is a hog. Definitely one of my most memorable fish, ever, and I wasn't even the on to catch it. My father-in-law was way undergunned with his 5-wt.