Sunday, September 29, 2013

HYPERPHAGIA! (Also known as fall)

This is a time of year when people and animals get hungry.  Fish begin to glut themselves in preparation for the long, cold, icy winter.  It seems that fall, with its colder temperatures, shortening days and hungry fish, is a perfect time to fish.  It is!  Driving up the canyon early morning this week, I ran into temperatures dipping to 29*. Brisk!
Here is an example, I feel it applies equally well to fishing!
"Further increasing the odds of a grizzly encounter is the fact that hunters take to the field right when bears are most fixated on food. In fall, bears enter a stage called hyperphagia, a single-minded lust for calories in advance of their long winter’s sleep. When grizzlies find food, they can become so engrossed in eating they pay less attention to their surroundings than usual." Taken From Montana Outdoors
So here is my suggestion.  Get out as much as possible this fall, while your odds are high, to encounter the aquatic worlds meat-eating, monsters!
Note: This Kokanee is a poor meat-eating example despite its ostentatious apparel and dreadful grin, but an excellent fall indicator!  Photography Credit: Josh Gilbert

Targhee Boss
Utah Fly Fishing Guide

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