Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Out with Dad

It had been a little while since Dad and I were able to hit the water together.  We exchanged schedules a handful of times and we weren't able to sync.  Well,  things came together and we put a day on the calendar.  I picked dad up at his place in the late morning and we hit the road.  I was hoping for thunderstorms in the late afternoon, and the forecast looked promising.
In the truck we talked; work, family, and of course fish.  We chugged up into the mountains and slipped down into Pineview Reservoir.  We started seeing fish in the usual spots.  Dad was throwing a massive, gaudily gorgeous fly. My rod was rigged with a relatively small, plain fly. 
I could see the tip of a tail peeking out from beneath some structure.  Unable to determine what fish I was looking at, I cast to find out.  My rig hit the water, strip, strip! The fish shot out from its shelter and ate!  
Fish on!  I really put the wood to the fish for two reasons.  
First to keep the fish from breaking me off in the structure.  
Second, the water temperature has really climbed.  
Fish generally tolerate being hooked in the face quite well if they are handled properly and quickly. But if high water temperatures are present being caught can be a real downer for a big fish!  
Dad netted the fish in short order.
We snapped a few pictures and sent the fish on its way.

We continued to fish.  We caught quite a few crappie and one nice little Smallie.  This smallie was by far the heaviest (by fight, not weight) smallie I have ever caught.  I thought is was definitely a musky until it showed itself at the surface.  What a stud of a fish!
Thanks for being Awesome Dad!
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  1. Nice trip with your father! My Dad passed away rather young at 65 in 2001. He was the guiding force in my life, and still is. A fly fisherman, thus I was introduced to that very young. Good on you two, that pleases me. And, what a nice SM!