Monday, February 18, 2013

Leviathan's Lie

The time is near that you will be sent into the dark depths in search of glory and immortality.  You have been prepared, hardened and sharpened.  You have been garbed in your finest attire. You must meet your opponent in full battle dress, anything less would insult yourselves and him. Not one of you is certain of your own return.

You must give your all in this endeavor, pitching yourself with abandon through the air.  Dashing yourselves against the surface, regain composer and streamline your attack.  Searching  the infinite abyss' dark holds. Find the leviathan's lie, that you may draw him out.  For if you become overly zealous, you may find yourselves impaled upon the very structures from which you hope to draw your leviathan.

Do not be troubled. Undoubtedly you have not been the first nor will you be the last to become resigned as a sentinel perched upon the ramparts of your foe.

When the beast finds you in the open abyss, take heart! Your labors are close to fruition. You have portrayed yourself as an inferior opponent and deceived the brute.  Now continue your facade until your point has found purchase.

At this moment you will be drawn upwards into the light! Freed from that gaping maw in which you have willfully taken imprisonment.
Your battle dress is now torn and shredded, but your heart is yet hardened.

You have drawn the beast from the depths into the light and by doing so will be immortalized.  Your battle dress and facade will be replicated and offered to many more leviathans, in hopes of finding a similar end.  Your success will be broadcast throughout the world and the brute leviathan you've conquered will be lauded for your accomplishments.


  1. Thanks Brent, I'm stoked to hear your return report! 'til then Tight Lines!

  2. Love the species numbers on the fly, very cool endeavor!